Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Stuck in a Meeting Map: The Drain Is Clogged Again

The characters are plumbers and they aways get called out to the worst jobs. When they arrive at this place they are directed to the lowest level to fix the drain in the hydroponics lab. While plunging away, agents from some hostile government attack the base and the poor PC plumbers have to make it out as best they can. It's a crazed, chaotic mess featuring nerve gas, cyborg soldiers and automatic weapons. Fortunately, this is not the PCs' first rodeo and they know to always pack a 9mm at the bottom of their tool box.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Stuck in a Meeting Map

Venture across the mutant-filled wasteland, locate the hidden base, neutralize the robot sentries, hotwire the mini-sub, then make it back home while getting strafed by drones. Easy!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Minis in the Mail

The Loyal Earth Elemental from the Underdark expansion of the D&D minis line won't win any beauty contests, but it will drive a fool into the ground like a stake.

     I'll have this fellow handy in case any of the PCs get sticky fingers when we play 5e this summer. I described him in some detail in the most recent issue of The Tolling of the Great Black Bell.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Stuck in a Meeting Map; Secret Underground Lair

I drew my top secret underground lair while in a meeting. All complaints can be addressed to my giant robot.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Pigeon Street Society of Explorers and Specialists Session 7

09.04.16; Session Six; D&D 5e
Len as Argon, Human Wizard 3
Paul as Galillian, Elven Ranger 3
Scott as Derek, Human Paladin 3
Erik as Growll, Half-orc Bard 3
Rachel as Naga, Halfling Rogue 3
Jose as Iolas, Elven Wizard 3

The Night Market
     Desperate to learn more about the mysterious necromancer plying her trade near Pigeon Street, the intrepid explorers visited the Night Market near their homes. They descended beneath the city streets to find a bizarre labyrinth of vendors and stalls. All manner of goods, both mundane and magical, were available.

Eventually, they located the Necromancer herself and had a productive discussion. She agreed to relocate her operations in light of the PCs finding it repugnant. Much more happened, but I am writing this months after the fact and my memory is hazy.

Subdued Dragon
     The session culminated in a blistering assault on the Blue Dragon, the infamous smuggling ship that had supplied the necromancer with fresh corpses. The battle was fierce, with the captain and bosun fighting viciously before falling under the blade.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Pigeon Street Society of Explorers and Specialists Session 6

08.28.16; Session Six; D&D 5e 
Len as Argon, Human Wizard 3
Paul as Galillian, Elven Ranger 3
Scott as Derek, Human Paladin 3
Erik as Growll, Half-orc Bard 2

Don't make me go, mama!
Play opened with a horrible spectacle on Pigeon Street. There's always a horrible spectacle on Pigeon Street. Pretty much every street in the Gate is a mess. This particular train wreck involved a group of sailors from the Blue Dragon negotiating for the services of a young man to serve as a cabin boy. (It was also insinuated that the ship's bosun had a special way of breaking in the cabin boys. Yikes.)

     In light of the lad's spastic flailing and crying, the PCs stepped in. Tempers flared, but no pirates really wanted to draw steel over a cabin boy so they let the matter drop. Growll ended up taking the boy in and added him to the dirty flutist with who he currently lives.

Screw those guys.
     After some deliberation, the party decided that they were - in fact - itching for some kind of dust up with the crew of the Blue Dragon, so they followed them to a tavern. Words were exchanged, threats made, a spell cast (Argon took down the bar maiden - 10 xps!) and the Watch called. No steel was drawn but it was coming.

Okay, now it's on. Kind of. 
     After the confrontation at the bar, the crew of the Blue Dragon decided to pay the PCs a visit. They wanted to send a clear message that they could get at the PCs in their beds, so it would be a good idea for the Pigeon Street do-gooders to mind their own business.

     In each of the homes, small groups of buccaneers emerged from the cellars by way of the sewer. In most cases, it was just an exchange of obscenities. The pirates ultimately decided that beating a Paladin of Sune to a pulp in his own home was not the kind of karma they wanted.

     Galillian and Argon took exception to the invasion and went weapons hot. Two pirates fell under the blade and Galillian eventually succumbed to wounds.

Okay, now we can kill. 
     Summoned to the spire by the gnomes who were remodeling it, they were taken to a hidden cellar level. In the cellar were locked vaults that contained a few magic items. While there, the PCs could hear screams echoing from the sewers nearby. The group investigated and soon found a small band of goblins violating human captives. The goblins had tunneled into the sewers from outside the city and wasted no time. A great and joyous battle ensued and soon the humanoids were slain.

XP Awards: 400 to each PC

Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Pigeon Street Society of Explorers and Specialists Session 5

08.21.16; Session Five; D&D 5e 
Len as Argon, Human Wizard 3
Paul as Galillian, Elven Ranger 3
Rachel as Naga, Halfling Rogue2
Jose as Iolas, Elven Wizard 2

 You told me to go back to the beginning, so I have. 
     Play began with a trip back in time. It was a short trip, really. Just a month or so. A few of the characters were travelling south from Waterdeep on the Blue Dragon before ownership exchanged hands. Now that the infamous vessel is moored at the end of Piegon Street, I thought it might be a good idea to establish a link between the PCs and the ship.

     When the PCs first met the crew it was not under ideal circumstances. A mutiny had taken place and the passengers (the PCs) were being set ashore. Once on terra firma, things were definitely not good. An inhospitable shore awaited them. It was a place where skeletal pirates from a doomed raid were damned to repeat their assault nightly under the baneful watch of a statue of Umberlee. Was she furious that the pirates were such worthless followers or was she mad that the pirates dared to attack a village that worshiped her? Or both?

     Aquatic pirates were hacked, a creepy dryad was met and the halfling was nearly pounded into jelly when she shot an arrow at the dryad. They also met a creepy human child who clapped and cheered as they group battled the undead. The weird kid smells like chlorine and has wings, so yeah. The wilds of Forgotten Realms are bizarre.

Talk to the hand.
     We then flashed forward to where we left last session. A giant's severed hand was rampaging down the street in a desperate bid to reach Argon's home where a stolen set of surgical tools were hidden. The hand did not get far as the party was able to subdue it quite easily. The party did some tracking an realized the hand emerged from the bay. Iolas put the hand it a tank filled with formaldehyde and added it to his ship's inventory.

     Although necromancy isn't necessarily illegal (what is legal and illegal depends on a number of factors), the group are concerned that the wizard lives locally and is plotting who knows what. I imagine that there is a brisk market for people wanting to have pets, loved ones and loyal servants reanimated. Creepy as heck, but perhaps common.

When momma's not happy, no one's happy.
     So the crazy rat lady next door to Argon tried to chop his door down in the middle of the night with an axe. She had a bunch more rats with her and she looked to be quite rat-like herself. Were-rats are such a nuisance! The rat mother and rat brood stormed into Argon's home and soon there was a grand melee in the open area behind the PC's homes. Rat mother absorbed a crazy amount of damage before scampering off. Her rat children were splattered.

     Franklin the pony, Fenway the pig and Pete the raven even got in on the action and curb stomped a dire rat. On Pigeon Street if you don't start none, there won't be none. Pigeon Street por vida, ese.

     An investigation of the crazy rat lady's house led to a series of secret passages beneath the houses. It's kind of a nifty underground lair complete with a revolting chamber where the rat lady conceived and gave birth to her brood. The group also found some nice doilies and a recipe book for baking laxative filled pastries.

     All in all another fine session. Iolas has decided he wasn't to locate the Night Market where secrets and arcane items are traded. It also appears there may be a collision between the PCs and the crew of the Blue Dragon. Since the rat lady got away, she may be back with friends.

XPs: 300 to all.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Pigeon Street Society of Explorers and Specialists Session 4

08.14.16; Session Four; D&D 5e 
Len as Argon, Human Wizard 2
Scott as Derek Stormheart, Human Paladin of Sune 2
Paul as Galillian, Elven Ranger 2
Rachel as Naga, Halfling Rogue2
Jose as Iolas, Elven Wizard 2
Eric as Growll, Half-orc Bard 2

Residents of Pigeon Street and the nearby neighborhoods have figured out that the intrepid explorers are eager to help out those in need. Play began with several people lined up at the door of the Lonely Hart. With hats in hand, they begged the party to aid them with the kinds of problems that are bizarre in other cities, but seem quite common in the Gate.

Cursed Composition
     After a bit of discussion, the party soon found itself at the house of a couple. The female resident had reportedly been playing piano for two days straight. Neighbors indicated that she had been moaning for help. She only stopped playing for a few moments when her husband arrived home. It sounded like a skirmish ensued. A neighbor said that he heard a sickening thud and the sound of something falling heavily to the floor. The music then resumed.

     The party kicked in the door and found a slain man on the floor, his skull caved in with a stone statuette of a famous composer. The woman was at the piano, nearly unconscious, her hands falling clumsily on the piano keys. They attempted to remove her from the bench, but soon it was all Evil Dead 2. She levitated about the place, pummeling the group and screaming, "You shall die!" Maybe that last part didn't happen. My memory is hazy.

     At any rate, the group torched the sheet music she was playing and the possession ceased immediately. It was discovered that the sheet music was written by the mysterious composer Suchet, the same writer who wrote the piece that destroyed Lenwe and Micah Rabinov's hands.

Is this going to be a stand up fight or another bug hunt, sir?
     Next, the party made their way to the Auberg district where the pathetic residents have endured Kafka-esque transformation for decades. The least motivated and most pathetic residents eventually wind up as skittering insects. No one really cares as Auberg is the Inland Empire of Baldur's Gate. I used to live there so I should know. *shudder*

     As I detailed in a recent blog entry, the group set about slaughtering the insect relatives of Miss Elisabeth, a tough, serious-minded young woman. (Sir Derek would soon rescue this diamond in the rough from Auberg and bring her to the Lonely Hart. Hubba hubba.)

     The insects were hammered into submission and their twitching bodies were loaded into a crate.The party showed great restraint in light of the fact they were once humans and might someday be so again.
     Eventually the party delved a bit deeper into the mystery. They learned that a titanic cockroach lived in the sewers underneath Auberg. This timeless bug, an avatar of the abyssal fiend H'stik, Lesser Deity of Things That Crawl and Skitter in the Dark, was responsible for the terrible transformations taking place.

     The group descended into the sewers and soon met Conrath Grohe, a cleric dedicated to H'stik. He began to chastise the party for their intrusion, but Galillian stabbed the absolute hell out of him. Interestingly, this was the first time the party slew a human/humanoid/demi-human.

     The titanic bug took exception to the murder and assaulted the party. Well, technically, he only attacked long enough to retrieve the body of the cleric, which he ran away with. The party gave chase and soon cornered the bug. After many quotes from Starship Troopers, the big bug was slain. It was a quick affair as the party is quite efficient in combat.

     There was more to the session, but school started this week and wow just wow I can't think straight.

XPs for the session: 333 each.